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"If a writer is any good, what he makes will have its source in a realm much larger than that which his conscious mind can encompass and will always be a greater surprise to him that it can ever be to his reader."
 Flannery O'Connor, Mystery and Manners
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"The writer is a dream catcher, catching the dreams of the spirits out there that want to be told.
Then, you are forced to tell their story."
Rudolfo Anaya
Welcome to Marie Ostarello's author website. Enter to read her poetry, prose
and perspectives. Get to know Marie's writing through her explorations in fiction, creative nonfiction, and verse. Read full-length stories, as well as excerpts from her novel-in progress, her poems, and a personal essay which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Marie Ostarello received her MFA in Writing from Vermont College and has been a professional writer for over 20 years. Her writing has appeared in a number of award-winning literary journals. Her blog offers perspectives on creative writing, the creative process and the writing life. 
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